The Bioinformatics Group of the International Scientific and Educational Center of NAS RA (National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia) was founded in 2000 by the Full-Member of NAS RA, Prof. Aram Artashes Shahinyan and is considered as one of the leading research centers of Armenia in Computer Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The team consists of seven researchers, including two Doctors of Sciences, five Candidates of Sciences (PhD). Since 2000 up to the present  1 Doctoral, 5 PhD,17 Banchelor and Master theses have been prepared within the framework of the Group. The scientific supervision of the Bioinformatics Group is carried out by the Full-Member of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Prof. Aram Artashes Shahinyan.

The major fields of the scientific activities of the Group:

  • Modeling and Molecular Dynamics (MD) study of biological membranes.
  • Modeling and MD study of complex systems, including surfactant and polymer solutions.
  • Development of specialized software packages.

The scientific activities of the Group are funded from the state budget as well by means of a number of grant projects (national and international). Since 2000 the Group has been involved in 8 projects, including:

In 2007 two members of the Group (A. Shahinyan and A Poghosyan) were awarded the prize of the President of the Republic of Armenia for «A significant contribution or invention in the field of natural sciences».

The researchers of the Bioinformatics Group intensively participate in various international conferences and workshops, where they’ve already presented more than 30 reports. The results of their research are reflected in articles published in various respective scientific journals and books. The handbook entiled ” Computer Biology and Bioinformatics: part A – Molecular Dynamics and Simulation” (authors – A. Poghosyan and A. Shahinyan) was published in 2011, which can be useful for researchers in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

 You can find information about the partners of the Group here:

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